2014 E. Supp. Now Available

We have begun posting case comments from recent federal appellate decisions to our 2014 E. Supp., which can be found at http://bclawreview.org/e-supp-current/. There are eight comments in the issue thus far, with six more planned for publication in the coming weeks.

Here are links to the first eight:

A Simple Concept in a Complicated World: Actual Causation, Mixed-Drug Deaths and the Eighth Circuit’s Opinion in United States v. Burrage

by Benjamin Ernst

Navigating the Turbulence: The First Circuit Clarifies the Preemptive Scope of the Airline Deregulation Act in Brown v. United Airlines

by Michael Welsh

A Step in the Wrong Direction: The Ninth Circuit Requires Reasonable Suspicion for Forensic Examinations of Electronic Storage Devices During Border Searches in United States v. Cotterman

by Michael Creta

The “State” of Federal Bankruptcy Law: The Ninth Circuit’s Debt Recharacterization Analysis in In Re Fitness Holdings International

by Bryan C. Curran


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