Standing in the Future: The Case for a Substantial Risk Theory of “Injury-in-Fact” in Consumer Data Breach Class Actions

Abstract: The increasing digitalization of our personal and professional lives has generated corresponding growth in the amount of electronically stored private information in the hands of third parties. That private information is at risk of theft, loss, or manipulation. Employers that hold employee tax information and merchants that hold significant troves of consumer credit card […]

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Footing the Bill for Natural Gas Leaks: Why States Should Limit Cost Recovery of Lost and Unaccounted for Gas

Abstract: State statutes prohibit unjust or unreasonable natural gas utility rates. Public Utility Commissions (“PUCs”) administer these state laws and permit gas distribution companies to recover natural gas commodity costs related to lost and unaccounted for gas from customers through “purchased gas adjustment clauses.” In most of those states, PUCs permit “total recovery” of all […]

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Beyond Rehabilitation: Constitutional Violations Associated with the Isolation and Discrimination of Transgender Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Abstract: The juvenile justice system is predicated on a theory of rehabilitation with concern for protecting juveniles and society. For lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (“LGBT”) youth, however, the system has developed into a punitive arrangement. LGBT youth face higher rates of criminalization and incarceration for non-violent crimes than any other group of youth. They […]

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