Vol. LIV No. 3

Editors’ Foreword: Filling Power Vacuums in the New Global Legal Order

When editors from our two publications met with our international law faculty to plan a symposium, we had a distinct goal to examine a question that has thus far received minimal scholarly attention: after power has been decentralized from a state-centric monopoly, where does it flow, and what forms does it take?

The resulting symposium took place on October 12, 2012 at Boston College Law School and consisted of three panels and a keynote address. In Globalization, Deregulation, Power, and Agency, five scholars considered the regulatory lacunae in contemporary globalization and the actors that exploit them to shape our global relations through their opportunistic exercise of power and influence. Legal Practice and the Le-gal Profession in the Global World addressed how the devolution of power to other spheres affects legal practice internationally. Anne-Marie Slaughter, one of the preeminent names in international law and global governance studies, provided the keynote address. Finally, Com-bat Strategies and the Law of War in the Age of Terrorism analyzed the need for new rules of engagement and a modified understanding of the law of war as a result of the war on terror.

Borne out of this event were the following Articles in this joint is-sue of the Boston College Law Review and the Boston College International & Comparative Law Review. Together, these works illustrate the plurality of actors and bodies of law that have become prominent in global spaces not regulated by states. In presenting them, we would like to thank the contributing authors, our other speakers from the live symposium, the Boston College Law School faculty, and all the administrative staff, journal staff, and other members of the Boston College Law School community who made both the event and this issue possible. We humbly offer this contribution to the legal study of globalization, and hope others find it as unique and satisfying as we have.

Mathilda McGee-Tubb
Editor-in-Chief, Boston College Law Review

Paul Caligiuri
Editor-in-Chief, Boston College International & Comparative Law Review

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